Programm des Emmy-Noether-Seminars

Fri, 26.05.2017, 14:30

Fri, 26.05.2017, 15:30
On the structure algebra of stable moment graphs

Speaker: Ksenija Kitanov (FAU)
Host: Fiebig
Room: 04.363

We study the structure algebra $\mathcal{Z}$ of the stable moment graph for the case of the affine root system A_1. More precisely, we study its module structure and we construct a basis. By "setting c equal to zero'', where c is a central element, in the structure algebra $\mathcal{Z}$, we obtain the module  $\mathcal{Z}_{c=0}$. This module is "locally finite'', i.e. it can be described in terms of the finite root system A_1 and we show that it is determined by a set of divisibility relations.