Programm des Emmy-Noether-Seminars

Fri, 13.01.2017, 14:30

Fri, 13.01.2017, 15:30
The wonderful compactification for quantum groups

Speaker: Dr. Iordan Ganev (IST Austria)
Host: Knop
Room: 04.363

The wonderful compactification of a group links the geometry of the group to the geometry of its partial flag varieties, encodes the asymptotics of matrix coefficients for the group, and captures the rational degenerations of the group. It plays a crucial role in several areas of geometric representation theory and related fields. In this talk, we review several constructions of the wonderful compactification and its relevant properties. We then introduce quantum group versions of the wonderful compactification and its stratification by G x G orbits. A key player in our approach is the Vinberg semigroup, which arises as a Rees construction and forms a multi-cone over the wonderful compactification.