Programm des Emmy-Noether-Seminars

Fri, 21.10.2016, 14:30

Fri, 21.10.2016, 15:30
Affine Hecke algebras and quantum symmetric pairs

Speaker: Dr. Chun-Ju Lai (MPIM)
Host: Fiebig
Room: 04.363

An influential work of Beilinson, Lusztig and MacPherson provides a construction for (idempotented) quantum groups of type A with its canonical basis. They apply a geometric approach via partial flags and dimension counting, which can also be achieved by combinatorics on Hecke algebras. In this talk I will focus on the Hecke algebraic approach and present our work on a generalization of their work to affine type C, which produces quantum algebras with favorable bases. We further show that these algebras, together with quantum affine gl_n, form quantum symmetric pairs.

This is a joint work with Z. Fan, Y. Li, L. Luo, and  W. Wang.